The Snickers Salad: Simple Yet Indulgent

Snickers SaladThe Snickers Salad is my new ace in the hole, whether I just want a simple and quick treat at the end of a long day or a fast yummy snack to throw into my briefcase and eat later with my morning coffee. At work my small dish of snickers salad is the envy of coworkers who have to settle for vending machine fare. At dinner parties and pot lucks the snickers salad is a delightful surprise for guests that I like to serve with fabulous new twists. In private moments at home it is a decadent and refreshing reward for myself when I meet my personal goals.

When snickers salad is presented to people for the first time their first reaction is surprise, followed by amusement at the frivolity of the idea of a Oreo Snickers Salad. When they take their first bite this hint of mirth changes to satisfaction then to indulgence as they taste the combination of nougat, peanuts, caramel and chocolate that gives the rest of the ingredients a boost. The addition of cookies and cream from Oreo cookies adds yet another layer of richness.

Pot luck dinners can either be a nightmare of boring, bland and predictable dishes or a showcase of creative culinary skills. The hum drum jello fruit cocktail salad, Watergate salad and hot pots have been done to death and I for one refuse to bring to a pot luck yet another variant of a dish that three other people have made. These poor tired dishes sit next to each other and are rarely even half gone when its time to go home. Let the people who brought the standard fare take leftovers home. At the end of an event my Snickers salad dish is always empty and ready to be washed and put into my car without any messy fussing with foils and plastic wrap.

Snickers Salad is Simple

Simplicity with infinite variations is the real secret weapon of the Snickers salad. The flexibility of Oreo Snickers Salads allows it to be served as appetizer, side dish or desert. It can be more of a healthy salad type of side dish with freshly chopped apples, bananas or other fruit. With these types of preparations I serve it as I would a salad. The only limit to the variety is my imagination. It can also be more of a savory dish by adding sour cream, cream cheese, buttermilk or even mayonnaise. If I want more of a desert I add more richness by adding puddings, creams and other desert toppings and I serve it at the end of the meal. Even though it has unlimited flexibility, there is nothing complicated to preparing a snickers salad. I just chop up the ingredients, mix and serve. If others start catching on to the popularity of the dish and begin making Snickers salad dishes of their own, I can always add a little twist to create a new novelty.

The Oreo Snickers Salad is a great secret weapon to add to your recipe book. It is simple and easy to make yet has unlimited variations. Best of all it can always have an added “wow” factor and be the showcase dish of the evening.